Actress Claire Forlani lies awake at night worrying about the world's water resources. The British-born Meet Joe Black star admits she struggles with insomnia and her fear that earth will run out of drinking water doesn't help her when she's attempting to doze off. She tells, I can't sleep at night and I have quite a vivid imagination. "Whenever people are running water, I have this daily thing with water for some reason. I feel that we waste so much water and I feel like it's such a precious commodity, we all take for granted, and it's so underestimated and undervalued. "So I have this daily moment of imagining life without water and it terrifies me." Meanwhile, Forlani, who is dating Scottish movie hunk Dougray Scott, had to think long and hard before agreeing to star in master of horror Stephen King's creepy new TV special, CROUCH END, because she feared the scary project would only add to her insomnia problems. She tells the publication she has never seen a King project: "I've always been too scared. It was just something that I... just always avoided."