Actress Claire Danes feared the worst when she became lost on a remote Scottish island after taking what she thought was a leisurely stroll. The 28-year-old was on the Isle Of Skye shooting new movie Stardust when a short walk turned into a nightmare. She says, "I decided to go for a walk one afternoon on the hotel grounds where we were staying on the Isle Of Skye. About an hour later I realised I was a little lost maybe and then an hour after that I realised I was devastatingly lost. "The weather is pretty erratic there. It started to rain, and then it started to pour, and then it started to rain horizontally at me. I was scared. It was getting dark and the sun was setting. "Occasionally, I would see a house in the distance and I would work up the courage to knock on the house and ask to use the phone or something. And I would get there and all the windows would be smashed and the house would be vacant. "I was starting to get spooked. In my head I saw these headlines: 'Idiotic American Actress Found Dead'. I couldn't see the hotel, I couldn't see anything. It was totally desolate and barren. "Finally, after about three hours, I happened upon a road that was paved. And 20 minutes later, a car passed by and I flagged it down in hysterics. He (the driver) was very sweet and asked where I was staying and I'd completely forgotten. I was just in such a panic, my mind went blank. "It's such a tiny town and there were only two hotels to choose from and he dropped me in one and it was the right one."