Actress Clare Danes has become hooked on hit British comedy shows like LITTLE BRITAIN and NIGHTY NIGHT after using them to perfect her Cockney accent. The Shopgirl star is set to play Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion on Broadway and she was determined to nail her character's famous London twang - so she hired out British TV shows on DVD. Danes, who starts rehearsals for her Broadway show later this month (Aug07), says, "I was working on the Cockney accent and it's really tough. I've tackled standard British accents twice now in Stage Beauty and Stardust so it's not completely alien, but this was different. "I worked with a dialect coach on (new film) Stardust and she suggested I watch British television comedies and I did and became obsessed with them because they're great. "Now I love (comedienne) Catherine Tate and Little Britain and Green Wing and a show called Nighty Night."