Claire Danes wants to be a painter.

The 'Homeland' actress - who is married to British star Hugh Dancy - admits she would consider a career change to something more artistic because of how she was brought up by her parents.

She said: ''I probably would paint before I would direct.

''My parents were visual artist so I grew up drawing and I've been dancing again the last four years. I can return to that in time and I have much more control over that.''

The blonde beauty gave up her career as an actress one before when she went to study at Yale University in the late 90s, and she admits doing so has helped her feel a lot more secure about her job.

She told The Observer newspaper: ''I knew that I was young and hadn't really explored all of my interests as fully as possible, so I wasn't entirely sure if I was acting out of habit or real desire, and sure enough the latter proved to be true.

''But I just feel safer now, being certain of that.''