Claire Danes regrets not finishing college.

The 31-year-old actress - who shot to fame as a teenager in TV show 'My So-Called Life' took a break from acting in 1998 to study psychology at the prestigious Yale University but quit after two years.

When asked what advice she would give her younger self, Claire said: "Go to college, actually. I didn't finish. I only went for two years but those two years were really good for me to just step away for a little bit and grow up without the prying eyes of the public and all the judgment that accompanies it. So that was good, and I don't know."

Claire - who won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a TV movie for 'Temple Grandin' last night (16.01.11) - has previously revealed she took time out from Hollywood to attend college in order to regain a "normal" life.

She explained: "I started working when I was very young. I got an agent when I was 12 and fortunately was employed consistently from that point on. So I didn't really go to a conventional high school. I was tutored on sets and things."

The actress - who is married to British actor Hugh Dancy - is not the only actress to take time out of her career to attend university.

Natalie Portman completed a degree in psychology at Harvard, while 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson is currently studying English Literature at Brown University.