Claire Danes finds walking the red carpet ''scary''.

The 'Homeland' actress - who is currently expecting her first child with husband High Dancy - admits to getting nervous before going to glamorous events because everyone is focused on what she's wearing and the fashion is taken so seriously.

She said: ''There's something scary about the red carpet - it's very serious. It's a separate job from acting, but one that I've learnt to appreciate. I love those images too. They're different from a stolen paparazzi shot - everybody's participating and it's about fashion.''

However, Claire says she loves fashion and feels grateful to know quite a few designers who have given her style advice over the years.

She told Britain's InStyle magazine: ''I know a lot of designers. I love Miuccia Prada and I've known Narciso Rodriguez since I was 16, he's like my fairy godfather and gave me an education in how to be a lady! Zac Posen and I grew up in the same neighbourhood - he's a sweetie.''