Claire Danes loves motherhood so much, it makes her want to cry.

The 'Homeland' actress enjoys every minute she spends with 10-month-old son Cyrus, her child with husband Hugh Dancy, and insists it isn't tough being a working parent.

Speaking to the latest UK issue of OK! magazine, she said: ''I'm so full of joy and exuberance, that's how I would describe my feeling about being a mum. It makes you want to cry because it's just so beautiful.

''It's much easier looking after your child while you're working than it is working while you're pregnant. I'm really enjoying this new chapter in my life and being part of an outstanding and brilliantly written series like 'Homeland'.

Claire married Hugh in 2009 and says their union has had a very ''settling'' effect on her.

She said:'' It's had a very settling influence on me. It's like you finally find the right partner with whom you feel totally comfortable/ Everything suddenly makes sense and you don't have to think about why it's working out so well because things are so good and easy together.''