Claire Danes feels more secure since she got married.

The 'Homeland' actress - who has previously dated musician Ben Lee and 'Almost Famous' actor Billy Crudup - tied the knot with British star Hugh Dancy in 2009 and credits him with keeping her happy.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''My mom Carla taught me that a long marriage can work. My parents have been together since they were 18 so I am privileged to have them as role models.

''I like marriage. I feel very secure. It helps when you are in love with the person you are married to.

''I do sometimes look at him and think, 'You are really handsome.' He keeps me sane and happy.''

Claire also explained she turned down Kate Winslet's Oscar nominated role in 'Titanic' because she needed some time apart from leading man Leonardo Dicaprio after they worked on 'Romeo And Juliet' together.

She explained: ''Is it true I turned down 'Titanic'? Yes.

''I have no regrets. I had just made a film with Leonardo DiCaprio in Mexico City for five months ['Romeo + Juliet'] and I was very tired. It would have been ridiculous to do another sweeping romantic epic with Leo.

''I would never have been able to get away from him. He's a lovely man and a great actor but we needed time apart by then.''