Claire Danes has splashed out $6.8 million on a new townhouse in Manhattan, New York.

The 34-year-old 'Homeland' star and her British actor husband Hugh Dancy, 37 - who welcomed their first child Cyrus in December - have moved into a five-bedroom, four-storey mansion in the West Village as they wanted more space to raise their son.

The blonde actress sold her previous apartment in Soho for $5.8 million in November.

According to the, her sprawling new home features outdoor space on three levels including a ground floor courtyard, a terrace off the library and a roof garden with panoramic views of the area.

The property also boasts an open plan kitchen and dining area.

The couple also own a home in the Hudson River Valley.

Claire previously revealed she wants to be a ''yummy mummy''.

She said: ''I can't begin to imagine what kind of mother I want to be. How could I answer that? I want to be a putrid mother who does not listen to her child and puts her own needs before theirs? I would want my child to feel safe and loved and held. Do I want to be yummy mummy? Well, I certainly don't want to be a repulsive mummy. I want to be yummy to the people who I have a an interest in finding me yummy, sure.''