Supermodel Cindy Crawford has been raising awareness of pediatric cancer in the U.S. - after her brother succumbed to the disease 33 years ago.
Crawford's younger brother, Jeff, was a patient at the University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital, but died of leukaemia in 1975. He was three.
And the beauty admits she is still affected by his tragic passing to this day.
During a visit to the Wisconsin hospital this weekend (05Jul08), Crawford said: "You can't make up for the loss of your brother or sister, no matter what you do. No matter how perfect you are, no matter what good grades you get."
"When I was able to start raising money and awareness, I was able to choose where do I want to give back in my life and this just was the first place that popped into my head."
The University of Wisconsin says Crawford has been contributing her time and money to their Pediatric Oncology program for nearly 20 years.