Supermodel icon Cindy Crawford has spoken out about Kate Moss' recent drug woes, insisting the British beauty should realise she's a mum now and should put her wild ways behind her.

The American stunner admits she had her wild days too when she was in her 20s but they stopped when she first gave birth and became a mum to her first child PRESLEY in 1999.

Crawford admits she was shocked by tabloid reports of Moss' alleged drug use, which sent her to an Arizona rehab clinic.

She tells men's magazine Maxim, "As someone who's a mother also, I hope she can get help and still have a relationship with her child.

"I don't think Kate wants to be a role model. That's not the route she's taken.

"I was never into the party scene, but some girls are, and maybe she just needs to realise she can't do that anymore."

Moss drug woes were highlighted when a photograph of her preparing a line of drugs in a dressing room appeared on the front cover of Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper this summer (05).