Veteran supermodel Cindy Crawford thrills her entrepreneur husband Rande Gerber by modelling the sexy waitress outfits for his club girls before they get to try them on.

Crawford admits her husband is reluctant to make the outfits too sexy - but she knows what the girls who wear them want, so she tries on all new 'uniforms' and advises on just how saucy they should be.

She explains to the US edition of Maxim magazine, "I wear a big padded bra because he does have very hot waitresses.

"From being in the fashion industry so long, I can say things like, 'This slit should be higher.'

"It's actually the girls that want them sexier... They know they'll get better tips if they're dressed sexy."

Crawford will be among the design consultants brought in to advise on the sexy outfits for Gerber's new club designs as part of the Las Ramblas project in Las Vegas, Nevada, which the party boss is creating with George Clooney and Brad Pitt.