Supermodel Cindy Crawford has been losing beauty sleep - because work near her home on Lisa Kudrow and Maggie Gyllenhaal's upcoming movie Happy Endings has been too noisy for her.

The mother-of-two is reportedly furious that director Don Roos is filming the project near her Brentwood, California home.

A source says, "She has called numerous times to complain about shooting and remind that crew that 'permits only allow shooting till 10pm'."

According to America's US WEEKLY, Roos attempted to appease Crawford and other angry neighbours by apologising and giving them gift baskets - but the unimpressed beauty turned her offer down, prompting things to get nasty.

The source adds, "The crew put Porta Potties right in front of her house!"

A representative reports that the toilets have since been moved.

23/04/2004 09:29