Cindy Crawford doesn't ban her daughter from indulging in junk food.

The 52-year-old model's 16-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber - whom she has with her husband Rande Gerber - might be following in her mother's modelling footsteps, but the beauty insists she isn't strict when it comes to dieting, as she wants her to ''enjoy'' things in ''moderation''.

Cindy - who also has son Presley, 18, with Rande - said: ''It's fun to have ice cream with your family after dinner. I never wanted to be the mom who was like, 'Oh, no, I can't have [that].' I guess that's not the kind of example that I wanted to set.

''Especially for Kaia. I didn't want her to think, 'Oh, in order to be [a model], you can't enjoy those things in life.' Of course you can. You just have to enjoy them in moderation.

''[My motto is] Be 80 percent good, 80 percent of the time.''

The brunette beauty has a lose routine that involves eating ''some kind of salad every day'', as well as a daily dose of green tea, but doesn't mind indulging in less healthy foods from time to time.

Cindy also notes that whilst she has ''cut out the bad carbs from white foods'' like pasta, bread, and rice, she loves to munch on chocolate, and even recently visited fast food restaurant In-N-Out for a burger.

She added to People magazine: ''I don't get fries, but I did get the chocolate shake.''

Cindy's desire to make sure her children don't feel restricted in what they can eat comes after she recently admitted she values family life over anything else.

She said: ''All of those times, with my husband, daughter and my son, [and] our dog ... real life. Those are the most important. I'm also very grateful, because when Omega signed me I was a 26-year-old model on the cover of Vogue, and they've let me grow up. They don't expect me still to be that, they've let me evolve as a woman. Time does go fast, way too fast.''