Cindy Crawford refused to walk alongside daughter Kaia Gerber during the Versace's Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show.

The 51-year-old supermodel returned to the runway last month to star in Donatella Versace's showcase, but when the star's 16-year-old child asked if the pair would grace the catwalk together, Cindy snubbed her in favour of reuniting with models of her own age and the stars she worked with during the peak of her career, such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni .

Speaking about the event, the brunette beauty said: ''I was booked before Kaia - I don't think Donatella [Versace] even knew that Kaia was doing shows and we had been talking for months about how many of us could get there for that tribute to [her brother] Gianni.

''When Kaia got the part she said, 'Wait, are we going out together?' I said, 'I hope not, I don't want to stand next to you, I want to stand with the women my age.'''

Although mother and daughter did not grace the platform side by side, Cindy was honoured to walk in the same show as Kaia, which she doesn't think will happen again.

She added: ''It was pretty cool, that probably won't happen again, to be in the same show.'''

The fashion icon - who also has son Presley Gerber with her husband Rande Gerber - has revealed she gave Kaia tips on modelling and advised her not to opt for the ''vacant stare and robotic walk'' that she has noticed models doing.

She told The Telegraph Online: ''I told her I'm personally not a fan of the vacant stare and robotic walk - that was not how the models of my generation walked. I said I understand that some designers will tell you 'don't have an expression,' but my advice is that I think people love seeing personality.''