Cindy Crawford says Cara Delevingne has more control over her own image then she ever did.

The 48-year-old star was one of the original supermodels and has had a fashion career which has spanned four decades.

However, Cindy is envious that today's crop of models - catwalk stars like Cara, Kendall Jenner and Miranda Kerr - have access to social media and are able to speak to their fans and the wider world directly.

In an interview with The Evening Standard newspaper, she said: ''These girls, because of social media, are able to craft their own image in a way we weren't. These girls, even as they're just beginning, they're not as pigeon-holed by how other people see them. Someone like Cara, the reason she is so cool is she gets to be who she is on social media and have that direct relationship with fans.''

Cindy also has some words of advice for any girl who wants to really make it in the fashion business.

The brunette beauty insists you have to work really hard and take every assignment seriously.

She explained: ''I always say modelling is what I do, it's not who I am. It's a job, and it's a really fun and great job, but to treat it like you would any job My advice is be on time, be prepared, listen.

''For me, that's so much of the reason that I've had such a long career. People knew I was going to show up and give 100 per cent. It's not glamorous, but that quality, in a fickle industry, was essential.''

Cindy's 13-year-old daughter Kaia is now following in her modelling footsteps and will appear in a shoot in the next issue of Teen Vogue.

But Cindy - who also has 15-year-old son Presley with her husband Rande Gerber - is determined to protect her child and will let her decide what she wants to do in her career.

She said: ''I'm happy for her to be happy. She's kind of chomping at the bit and the Teen Vogue piece seemed like an appropriate thing to do ... She's still only 13 and too young to know what she wants to do. I think even doing this photo shoot, while it was fun, also she realises it's not only fun - it's a job.''