Cindy Crawford's believes you need a healthy ''body and mind'' to have great skin.

The 53-year-old supermodel - who has children Presley, 19, and Kaia, 17, with husband Rande Gerber - insists inner peace is just as vital to outer radiance as the products you use on your face to have a glowing complexion.

She told PEOPLE: ''I think if you take care of your body and your mind, are present in your relationships and have girlfriends you can laugh with and share with, that's most important.''

Cindy is the founder of skincare line Meaningful Beauty and she created her own range of products around the idea of ''age maintenance''.

She said: ''I think most of us just want to maintain the way we look for as long as we can which is a realistic goal. Meaningful Beauty was really designed around this idea of age maintenance. It just plumps the skin right back up.''

The brunette beauty also admitted that she religiously sleeps on a silk pillowcase to prevent ''lines'' on her face.

She explained: ''When you're 20, pillow lines go away pretty quickly, but the older you get, the longer they stay. This silk one helps me not wake up with those lines, and it keeps my hair from getting frizzy.''

Cindy swears by eye masks to ''hydrate'' her skin, and likes to keep her skin glowy and smooth.

She said: ''I've been using eye masks for five years. It's an instant pick-me-up that hydrates and smooths the skin. In the late '80s and early '90s the look was matte as matte can be. Now it is more about the glow.''