Cindy Crawford was desperate to ''preserve'' some of the ''incredible clothes'' she has worn over the years.

The 51-year-old supermodel has ''saved'' some of the iconic garments she has worn throughout her career in an expansive closet because she wanted to conserve the memorable piece, including the black Versace dress she adorned to the VMAs in 1992 and the white John Galliano dress she wore on her wedding day.

Speaking in a video with Vogue magazine, the catwalk icon - who is married to Rande Gerber - said: ''At a certain point, especially when I had enough room, I realized I had some incredible clothes from over the years that I've saved and wanted to preserve.''

And the fashion muse has revealed her 16-year-old daughter has her eyes on some of her iconic outfits.

Speaking about the statement dress she adorned to the star-studded bash 25 years ago, Cindy - who also has son Presley with her spouse - said: ''I had seen this on the runway at a Versace show and I was obsessed with it, so I was like: 'Hey! Can I borrow that?' I think people really remember, it was one of those dresses that made an impression. And this was one of the dresses Kaia is like 'I want this dress, where have you been hiding that?'''

And Cindy has had to ''hide'' her extensive handbag collection in a secret compartment in her wardrobe.

She said: ''I have some beautiful, small, handbags but I have to hide them all in this draw down here. But some of my favourites that I just could not part with are some of these Fendi bags that, even though I haven't worn them lately, to me they are like jewellery.

''I was obsessed with these, if you just look at the workmanship, they are just like art.''

But Cindy believes the fashion industry has drastically changed, as she never had a stylist to ensure she dressed well in everyday life or when she attended an event.

She explained: ''I would say one of the biggest differences today from when I was a young model was that we didn't have stylists. Of course when you went to a shoot there was an editor there and a stylist and they would dress you, but for your regular street looks or going to an event you just got your own clothes. Fortunately you had good connections.''