The 27-year-old actress starred as Ugly Sister Anastasia in the movie earlier this year (15), a role which has helped catapult her into the limelight. Her increased profile means she's won hordes of new fans, although that hasn't been an entirely positive experience for the star as one them attempted to assume her identity online.

"Someone set up a Twitter account pretending to be me," she told Britain's The Daily Mail's Sebastian Shakespeare. "It was really terrifying. All my fans and people I worked with started following her and interacting with her. It really freaked me out."

The unknown person seemingly had Holliday's personality down pat, as even some people who are very close to her fell for the rouse. While the star doesn't see that as a huge deal, she became more upset when the fake account threatened her working life.

"My friends were tweeting her thinking it was me, and even companies like Disney were tweeting her," she explained. "She'd also posted loads of my personal pictures that she'd stolen. It was really upsetting."

Eventually bosses at the social networking website realised what was happening and the account was shut down.

Holliday has got over the shock now and she's even able to joke a little about the harrowing time, revealing that the guy she was dating when it happened was in no doubt the user was an imposter because they couldn't spell legendary author Jane Austen's name - something the actress would never get wrong.

This isn't the only difficult fan encounter the star has had. She's previously admitting struggling when she's recognised on the street, especially as some guys can be aggressive when they approach her.

"My mate and I were walking down the street and some guy followed us on a bike, being quite weirdly sexually threatening," she recalled to Metro newspaper in 2014. "Then some guy shouted at us out of a van, then another one shouted at us down the road and what did we get called? A sl*t, or a b***h, for not turning round. You forget that exists, that something like that happens and you think, 'How is that possible? Are you not embarrassed with yourself for doing that?'"