Cillian Murphy never knows if he will get a call from director Christopher Nolan.

The 41-year-old actor has starred in five of Christopher's movies, including the new war epic 'Dunkirk' and played the Scarecrow in 'Batman Begins', but Cillian admitted he's not sure whether the director will call him or not.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine, the actor said: ''I mean you never know if he's going to call you or not.

''The thing about him is: yes, there are big set pieces, but his priority is characterisation. That's how he gets such strong performances from his actors.

''That's generally how it's been since I've known him.''

The actor also claimed that he keeps looking forward as he believes ''nostalgia means death'' in his profession, revealing he will only see 'Dunkirk' once.

Cillian said: ''I'll see it once. I don't know anyone who pores over their work. Because the impulse is always the next - the next piece I do will be the best piece I do.

''To an actor, nostalgia is death. When you look at your work from 10 years ago and think that was the apotheosis well, you're f**ked really. It's got to be forward thinking.

''It's more that if I didn't have my attitude, the engine would stop.

''It's about self-respect as an actor; if at any time it feels like a safe place, then you're not making great work.''

And the 'Peaky Blinders' star revealed that away from the glamour of a movie set, he tries to enjoy a ''simple life''.

He said: ''When I'm not working, the movie industry is the last thing that enters my mind.

''I have a dog, I like to run. I have a very simple life.''