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When I first heard about that interview I felt sad, naturally at the thought of one day 'losing Cilla' as I would losing anyone important to me ---I've since read the whole article and A LOT of negetive feedback from people about it... What can I say, I think Cilla is absolutely right. After nursing for roughly 30 years, then working in age care as Diversional Therapy and having seen so many people 'linger on in misery' I have often said the same myself - I don't want to live to an age where I'm dependent on other people just to survive a life that is painful and miserable.. I don't know how many times I've had some older person say to me that he/she hopes to go very soon, that they have had enough. What's the big deal with the comment really? I think most of us would feel the same - who would want to live a life without any quality? What a load of rubbish - I can't honestly imangine anyone saying 'Wow - I can't wait until the day I am 90 and can live in constant pain, become inconinant and lay in bed all day looking at a wall which is a blur anyway because my sight has gone... I could go on forever with this one. Good on you, Cilla, you are only saying publically what the rest of us have said to mates while sitting with a coffee in our homes..

Posted 6 years 11 months ago by sydneyseas

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