Veteran pop star Cilla Black was heartbroken when her baby son took his first steps - because she was performing on the other side of the world and missed the milestone.
The British star shot to fame in the 1960s with a string of hits including Alfie and You're My World, and instantly became a globetrotting international performer.
But her hectic showbiz schedule continued after she gave birth to her first son, Robert, in 1970 - and she eventually made a promise to her husband Bobby never to put work before family after she missed too much of her baby's early life.
Black tells British TV show Loose Women, "I do regret the guilt thing. It's not very nice as I was a really big pop singer, and I remember when Robert took his first steps and the nanny phoned me to tell me that he had taken his first steps. Oh, it was like a dagger through the heart.
"It was terrible. It was awful. I just thought, 'What am I doing here on the other side of the world?'. You do get terrible guilt... And then, from that day, I planned. That's when Bobby said to me, 'We can't work for the career, we have to make the career work for us'. No truer word (said)."