Irish thespian Ciaran Hinds is tired of reports suggesting he started his acting career at the back end of a pantomime horse - he was at the stage mare's head. The Munich star made his debut in a production of Cinderella at the Glasgow Citizen's Theatre in Scotland - but he's upset that so many people think he played a horse's ass. He says, "There's a lot of lies out there. I was actually the front end and, in there, there's dignity. If you're at the back end you have to be bent over and you've got your head in somebody's bum! "It's become fact that I was the back end and it's down there for posterity that I was the arse (ass) end of the horse, but I was the front end... Obviously people would prefer that I was the back end for some reason!" Hinds admits one of his most embarrassing moments came as a result of the mix up. He adds, "I was playing the theatre manager in The Phantom of The Opera and we're sitting in the opera box where we were shooting, when the director, Joel Schumacher, announced to 330 extras, 'We've just found out that you played the back end of a horse!' "I'd really like for him to know the truth."