Ciara was ''worried'' about having a little girl.

The 'I Bet' hitmaker admits she was nervous about having her daughter Sienna, 12 months, because she's ''such a tomboy'' herself.

She told E! News: ''It's been full of so much life and love ... I didn't know what to expect and I'm such a tomboy that I was honestly kind of a little worried or curious about how I would do with a little girl. What I really think is so awesome, there's just something sweet in the air. There's something really sweet about how they are, they're so delicate but she's so tough at the same time. So that's been really amazing to see and experience - it is a difference you know. It's hard to describe, but you feel it. It's been really fun.''

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old singer - who also has three-year-old son Future from a previous relationship - previously revealed she is ''blessed'' to have her husband Russell Wilson and her children.

She shared: ''I'm very blessed with having the best support system that I could ever ask for or every dream of. My husband is pretty awesome ...

''You see Russell playing on the field; he's that same person at home. I think even cooler! He's an awesome support system to me and best friend so that makes a world of difference.''

Before the arrival of Sienna, Future was really excited to be a big brother.

Ciara revealed: ''He rubs my belly and he says, 'Hi baby. I love you, baby,' ... and then he puts my shirt down and says, 'Bye, bye baby.' So, that's his own thing. He sees a baby walking, smaller than him and walking - it doesn't matter, it's a baby. So, he goes, 'baby' and he looks at me and he goes, 'Mama, baby' - and he tries to pull my sweatshirt up.''