Ciara's beauty routine is ''super low maintenance''.

The 32-year-old singer - who has three-year-old son Future with her former partner Future, and six-month-old Sienna with her husband Russell Wilson - has admitted motherhood has taken its toll on her lifestyle and she now has only ''five to seven minutes'' to perfect her make-up.

Speaking about her makeover session to US InStyle magazine, the 'Goodies' hitmaker said: ''It's super-low-maintenance. I probably only have five to seven minutes to do my make-up and look decent.''

And in the short space of time Ciara - whose full name is Ciara Princess Harris - will fill in her eyebrows, apply concealer to the under eye area, add a sweep of bronzer to her cheekbones and finish off with a touch of nude lipstick and lashings of mascara.

She explained: ''I think eyebrows are always important, so I start by filling them in with a pencil. Then I use concealer underneath my eyes and on my T-zone and swipe bronzer around my face. I like to give lips definition with liner and put a pinkish nude lipstick on top. Then I usually throw on some mascara, and I'm out. That's literally it for me.''

Ciara has revealed her grandmother is her ultimate beauty idol because she always looked ''fabulous'', even when she had just woke up or was heading to the supermarket.

Asked about her style inspiration, the '1, 2 Step' vocalist said: ''Probably my grandma, who's so effortlessly beautiful. She's one of those women who go to sleep and wake up fabulous. She's always dressed to the nines. She never misses a beat - even if she's going to the grocery store. I learned from watching her glamour. She set the standard of always being prepared and having yourself together.''

However, Ciara - who is the face of cosmetic giant Revlon - believes beauty is what is inside a person and being confident makes people more attractive.

She said: ''I think beauty starts from the inside, and confidence plays a huge part. It's how you carry yourself, how you interact with people. I see beauty in so many women in the way they walk in and out of a room. There are many pretty faces, but uniqueness is what I find most beautiful.''