R+B beauty Ciara is set to unveil her rapping skills on hip-hop star MISSY ELLIOTT's upcoming album.

WORK IT rapper Missy added her vocals to Ciara's hit track 1, 2 STEP, and now the GOODIES singer is returning the favour.

She tells MTV, "The one thing nobody really knows is that before I was doing the singing, I was rapping. I wasn't in the studio or anything, but I used to sit on the porch and freestyle with the guys, my little cheesy raps.

"Missy made me do it (on her upcoming album). It sounds weird right now, but I'm just doing a little bit. I hope it's okay, but I trust her."

Their as-yet-untitled song is potentially Missy's first single, says Ciara, who adds of the track, "It's about music, how musicmakes you feel and makes you lose control. It's uptempo, it's dance, it's crazy."

19/03/2005 02:28