Ciara thinks love is the ''most powerful force on Earth''.

The 32-year-old singer - who has son Future Zahir, three, with her ex-partner Future, and ten-month-old daughter Sienna with husband Russell Wilson - has revealed that regardless of the stresses and strains she faces in life, she believes that love can help her to overcome any problems.

She shared: ''Love conquers all. Love is the most powerful force on Earth. You can't go wrong if you put love in.''

Ciara and Future were engaged in October 2013, but the celebrity couple called off their engagement amid acrimonious circumstances in August 2014.

The 'Goodies' hitmaker has subsequently found love again with the American football star, and Ciara has revealed that the pair own matching dog tags, which represent their roles as parents.

Speaking to, she explained: ''I have matching dog tags with my hubby. I got one for him for Father's Day. It has the kids' birth dates on it.

''I have one too, and it has the kids' birth dates, and it's very special to me as a mom.''

In November last year, Ciara took to Instagram to share a sweet video message in honour of her husband's 29th birthday, revealing she feels inspired by him.

In the clip, she explained: ''I love you so much. I am so excited for this special day for you. It is your birthday, but I also hope you feel like every day is your birthday or at least it is my goal to love you that way. May this year be everything you hope for and more - everything that you work hard for and more, you work hard. And you inspire me.

''I am grateful for the man that you are to our house, the father that you are to our kids, the lover that you are. You inspire me to be better. You make me a better woman. I am a better woman because of you.

''You make me want to figure out ways to love in a way that I never knew I could but I sure want to try hard as heck to make you happy because you make me feel so good. I hope you feel all the love you make me feel on this special day. I love you.''