Ciara and Russell Wilson have chosen their baby name.

The 31-year-old singer - who already has son Future, two, with ex-fiance Future - revealed last month she and her NFL player husband are having a child together, and she has now admitted they know whether they're expecting a boy or a girl, but she doesn't want to tell anyone.

She said: ''I do know [if it's a boy or a girl]. I'm not telling, not yet, but I'm very excited.''

Asked if they've chosen a name, she added: ''We've already done that actually.''

And the 'Goodies' singer and Russell, 27, aren't the only ones excited about the new addition to their family as little Future ''can't wait'' to be a big brother.

Ciara told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''He rubs my belly and he says, 'Hi baby. I love you, baby,' ... and then he puts my shirt down and says, 'Bye, bye baby.' So, that's his own thing.

''He sees a baby walking, smaller than him and walking -- it doesn't matter, it's a baby. So, he goes, 'baby' and he looks at me and he goes, 'Mama, baby' - and he tries to pull my sweatshirt up.''

After struggling with feeling nauseous in the first few months of her pregnancy, Ciara is thankful to be feeling ''really good'' now.

Debuting her bump for the first time at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (20.11.16), she said: ''I'm feeling really good, the first few months were a bit tough for me.

''Well, not tough, but a bit more like, I didn't throw up last time and this time I haven't thrown up but I've had that in between feeling where I don't wanna throw up, I can't throw up but I'm not normal and that's even more torture.

''I'm like can we find the rhythm here? What do I eat, what do I drink?

''I'm now in that place where I'm not feeling that feeling and I'm not that tired so it's good.''