Former wrestler Joanie Laurer has spoken out about her concerns for pal Anna Nicole Smith's late son DANIEL, after he appeared to be too serious on the set of new movie ILLEGAL ALIENS. The 20-year-old, who collapsed and died in the Bahamas on Sunday (10SEP06), was a producer on the independent comedy, and left cast and crew perplexed with his moody persona. In an exclusive interview with CNN newsman Larry King on Tuesday (12SEP06), Laurer said, "He had a very quiet demeanour and I'm the type of person... who is trying to get everybody revved up. "We were doing a movie and it's very exciting and he's a producer and so I'd go up and jab him a little and try him to joke and get him to laugh but it seemed to be not as exciting (to him) as I perhaps thought somebody should be. "I really liked Anna and I wanted her and all of us to have as good of a time as we most possibly could." Director DAVID GIANCOLA admits, "He was very quiet." The film, which stars US soap hunk John James, is seeking a distributor and is scheduled to be released later this year (06).