LATEST: Wrestler Chyna's ex fiance has hit back at her claims he's trying to kill her.

The former WWF star - real name JOANIE LAURER - has won an injunction against her ex, SEAN WALTMAN, following a fight they had that ended their romance. She has since gone into hiding after telling friends she fears for her life.

But Waltman, who wrestles as X-PAC, insists the fuss is just further proof that his paranoid ex-fiancee needs help.

He says, "It's like she's got some sort of multiple-personality disorder. She'd talk in all these really weird and different voices.

"Joanie could make you feel like the best, but she also had that ability to make you feel like absolute dirt. The relationship was really up and down. We fought and argued non-stop. We must have broken up 50 times, but I really loved her."

Waltman claims the final straw came in July (03) when Laurer started thinking she was being spied on, and they fought. He now regrets hitting his ex, but insists she was spinning out of control.

He adds, "I have never been violent towards a woman. I have never been so sorry and ashamed about anything before. Now, I just want the chance to get my life back on track."

26/08/2003 02:04