Former wrestler Chyna and her on-off lover SEAN WALTMAN were thrown in jail last week (ends17OCT03) after fighting at a Marina Del Rey hotel in California.

Chyna, real name JOANIE LAURER, dropped a restraining order against her beau, who wrestles as X-PAC, earlier this summer (03) after the pair got back together after a split, but now she's repeating claims that Waltman is out to kill her.

The couple were arrested after a violent confrontation, charged with a felony and transported to Marina Del Rey police station for detention.

Waltman claims he received a black eye from his girlfriend in the fracas, but Laurer insists, "I absolutely did not hit him."

The female wrestler has since turned to American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE to air her concerns about Waltman. She says, "The worst thing that's going to happen is he's going to kill me."

But Waltman, who refuses to press charges, insists the fight was just "ridiculous" and "immature", and he has every intention of patching things up with his girlfriend.

He reveals, "I love her to death If I told you I wasn't going back to her I would be kidding myself."

21/10/2003 09:09