Veteran action man Chuck Norris has hit out at Republican presidential candidate Senator JOHN MCCAIN - insisting he's too old to move into The White House. The Missing In Action star, who is campaigning for fellow Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, claims American presidents age three times faster than the average person while in office. And he took aim at 71-year-old MCCain during a Huckabee fundraiser in Texas on Sunday (20Jan08). He said, "Now I'm thinking if John takes over the presidency at 72, and if he ages three-to-one, how old will he be in four years? He'll be 84 years old. "Now can he handle that kind of pressure in that kind of job?" And the 67-year-old also slammed another Huckabee rival, Mitt Rooney. Norris said, "I think he's very shallow. I think everything he does is from the head. (He reads) a memorised script just like I do as an actor when I do a role. Nothing is coming from the heart."