Electronic dance stars Chromeo are reportedly moving into the travel industry by becoming shareholders in a little-known budget airline firm in their native Canada.

Musicians David 'Dave 1' MACklovitch and Patrick 'P-Thugg' Gemayel accept they are unlikely choices as partners in the airline business, but they claim they were quickly won over by Mallard Air bosses' presentation.

Frontman Dave 1 says, "When Mallard approached us about share acquisition, we thought it was a joke. But when we got to know the people behind the airline, a creative and dynamic group of engineers and venture capitalists, this partnership made total sense. Besides, our business managers always encouraged us to diversify our investments. For a band like us, this feels bold and new."

P-Thugg adds, "We spend our life on airplanes. And there's always something wrong: from the uniforms to the business class menu, to the way they handle oversize baggage.

"Our association with Mallard will give us the opportunity to change that and to offer a travel experience the way we see it."

According to a press release, company executives have already taken one of Chromeo's suggestions on board to add boutique services to Montreal, Minneapolis and Beirut to their currently offered routes.

It is not clear if Chromeo's new business venture is for real or part of an elaborate prank as the website for Mallard Air features few working links and the company's Twitter account is filled with random messages.