Christopher Walken is sick of playing the villain.

The legendary actor has moaned that he's always asked to play the bad guy in movies and is on the lookout for more ''wholesome'' parts.

Christopher - who has depicted a string of nasty men over the course of his five decade career, including evil Max Schreck in 'Batman Returns' and fallen angel Gabriel in 'The Prophecy' - said: ''What's left of my time as an actor, I'd like to play some fathers and grandfathers, a few wholesome types. I get so many villainous people, you know. I'd really like to play someone who gives good advice.''

Walken is open to offers but says he'll steer clear of musicals, because he can't sing a note.

He said: ''The truth is I can't sing. And when I have to, I do that 'My Fair Lady' talking-singing thing. I have no choice - some people can sing, some people can't. I'm a dreadful singer. I can dance but I can't sing.''

The actor is seen next starring opposite Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner in the comedy 'Nine Lives' and said it was an easy choice to accept the film because of the fantastic cast..

Speaking about what attracted him to the film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, he told Empire magazine: ''There are many factors. Yes, who the other actors are and who the director is. With Barry Sonnenfeld, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner, it just seemed like an obviously good job.''