The Deer Hunter star plays an ageing singer attempting to make a comeback in his new film When I Live My Life Over Again, and when asked if he relates to his character's desperate desire to be an active Hollywood player again, Walken admits the feeling is constant, since he doesn't ever want to quit his job.

He tells TheWrap, "Of course. If you're in this business, you always feel that. Acting is one of those things, you can keep doing it as long as they ask you to do it. They say you don't retire from acting - they retire you. And I don't want to be retired, because what would I do?"

He adds, "You know, I went to the same dentist for 30 years, and the last time I went to see him he said he was retiring. I said, 'What are you going to do?' He said, 'Oh, I'll play golf, I'll travel...' I'm not going to play golf. If I retired, I wouldn't have anything to do, and I think it's the same for most actors."

When it's mentioned that Gene Hackman quit show business nearly a decade ago, Walken says, "Well, maybe he does other things. Charles Grodin is my neighbor in Connecticut, and I think he's written seven books. I can't do that, so I need to keep acting."