Christopher Walken doesn't own a mobile phone or computer.

The 70-year-old actor has been in more than 100 movies and appeared in music videos by recording artists such as Madonna, Fatboy Slim and Journey but the film star admits that when he's not working, he prefers to live a ''quiet life'' and study ''film scripts'' and is a self-confessed technophobe.

Speaking to the Metro Newspaper, Walken - who is married to casting director Georgianne Walken - said: ''I don't have any of those things [mobile phone or computer]. I just prefer to live a quiet life. But my wife does, so I can still access them.''

The screen icon shows no sign of slowing down despite his advancing years and after completing filming on 'A Late Quartet' he is now working on 'The Power of Few' and 'Gods Behaving Badly'.

Walken has also been studying the Shakespeare play 'The Tempest' because he has been he would be perfect to portray sorcerer Prospero.

The film star said: ''I like to study scripts. Recently, I've been studying 'The Tempest.' A director told me I'd be a good Prospero some day, so I've just been reading it speculatively. If you focus on something, sometimes it comes true.''