Christopher Walken and Robert De Niro are teaming up again for new movie 'The War With Grandpa'.

The two screen legends famously appeared together in Oscar-winning Vietnam War drama 'The Deer Hunter' - which was released in 1978 - and they are now reuniting for a far more light-hearted romp.

The film is based on Robert Kimmel Smith 1984 novel of the same name and it follows the tale of young boy Peter who has to give up his bedroom when his beloved grandfather moves in and tries a series of pranks to force him out but soon realises his grandpa is more than a match for his mischief.

The Grandpa character is to be played by De Niro, 73, with Walken portraying his best friend.

It is not yet known who will be taking on the role of Peter.

The comedy is being produced by Marro Films and distributed by Dimension, while 'Kid Robot' creators Matt Ember and Tom Astle have penned the script.

The film is De Niro's latest foray into comedy, which has been a prominent genre in his later career with roles in films such as 'Little Fockers', 'The Family', 'The Intern' and 'Dirty Grandpa.

Walken has also tried his hand at comedy as he has gotten older with his last big screen role in 'Nine Lives' in which he starred with Kevin Spacey.

The 73-year-old 'King of New York' actor is famous for portraying a host of evil characters on the big screen, such as James Bond nemesis Max Zorin in 1985's 'A View to a Kill', corrupt businessman Max Shreck in 1992's 'Batman Returns and as a quadriplegic gangster in 1995's 'Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead' but he insists he's very different in real life.

He said: ''I do often play villains. I guess it's how my career in films started ... that was my introduction to the movies and I played disturbed people in both. I got started on something there which was lucky. It's not a reflection on my own life - I live quietly. My wife and I have been married for 50 years. I've never really played anyone like myself.''