Christopher Reeve's widow DANA REEVE is struggling to accept her husband's death and move on with her life.

Dana, 43, admits that five months since his untimely demise, the tragedy still provokes painful memories for the family.

The SUPERMAN star - who was left paralysed and wheelchair-bound after a horse riding accident in 1995 - died in October last year (04).

Dana says, "There are moments when the grief comes bubbling up. The first time I saw Chris's chair empty, that was really hard. And it was hard when I started folding up his sweaters that I so imagine him wearing.

"Bedtime was quite a routine. WILL (their son) would go in, maybe watch some sport with Chris in the bedroom, kiss him on the head, shake his toe, go on upstairs.

"That's hard. Those are the missing pieces that make you really notice the difference. I promised to love, honour and cherish him 'til death did us part. I can't do that because I'll love, honour and cherish him forever."

16/03/2005 21:13