Christopher Reeve's widow DANA has written a book about her life with the late SUPERMAN star - to help her come to terms with his death.

Christopher spent nine years in a wheelchair after a horse riding accident in 1995 and suffered a fatal heart attack in October (04), leaving Dana struggling to accept his tragic life.

But she believes writing the currently untitled book with Christopher's former agent JENNIFER RUDOLPH WALSH and his editor ANN GODOFF at Penguin publishers has allowed her to relive her relationship with the actor and honour his memory.

An insider tells American gossip site THE SCOOP, "It's the story of the changing landscape of their marriage and how their love deepened during their troubling times.

"Dana is an amazing woman. She had worked with Chris's agent and his editor and thought very highly of them both, so just made the deal with them."

The book is due out next Autumn (06).

04/04/2005 17:40