Late actor Christopher Reeve and his Superman co-star Margot Kidder were set to reunite in hit TV series SMALLVILLE until his untimely death this month (10OCT04).

The paralysed actor died from heart failure on 10 October (04) in a New York state hospital with his family by his beside. He was 52.

Kidder, who played Clark Kent's reporter girlfriend Lois Lane in the 1970s/1980s superhero films, was to join Reeve in the young Superman series.

Reeve had already made two appearances in the show, as astronomer DR VIRGIL SWANN, and Kidder had signed to play his sidekick BRIDGETTE CROSBY.

A Smallville insider says, "It was planned that Reeve and Kidder would appear together in the current series, which would obviously been very special for fans after all these years. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, so Margot will now appear in the show alone."

22/10/2004 14:16