Christopher Reeve's son will compete in his first ever marathon in honour of his late parents.

Will Reeve is to take part in the New York Marathon on Sunday (06.11.16) aims to raise $35,000 for the Christopher & DANA REEVE Foundation, the charity set up by his parents, which provides support for those with spinal-cord injuries and raises funds for medical research.

He told the New York Post newspaper: ''Everything I do, I try to honour my parents' legacy. I want to keep their names alive.''

'Superman' star Christopher was paralysed in a horse-riding accident in 1995 but tragically died in 2004 after suffering a massive heart attack when he was just 52.

17 months later his wife and Will's mum, Dana, lost her battle with lung cancer at the age of 44.

Will, 24, admits training for the event is tough, but draws inspiration from his parents.

He said: ''Everything they did was the embodiment of courage, bravery and strength. Every day was a new fight, a new battle that my parents tackled together.''

And during training, Will was attacked by a tiny dog.

He revealed: ''A Shih Tzu nipped at my heels and drew blood. But I carried on running because it was just a flesh wound.

''It turned out the dog had all its shots, so now I've got a battle scar I wear with pride!''

The 'ESPN' sports reporter can't wait to cross the finish line and said: ''I must admit I'm looking forward to a beer a two!''