Christopher Nolan is too old school for 3D films.

The 'Inception' director, who gained worldwide acclaim for 2008's 'The Dark Knight', thinks that digital short cuts cheat loyal audiences.

Assessing the 3D revolution brought about by James Cameron's epic 'Avatar', he said: "I don't feel like we should be taking short cuts, because people are paying money to see our film, and it shouldn't be easy for us.

"It should be hard. We should be doing it the hard way, if that's the best way."

Christopher agrees that his approach to movies is old school, saying: "I'm very much a technical traditionalist in terms of how you get scale into a film.

"But at the same time, I believe myself to be someone who avails himself of whatever is the best technology available."

The acclaimed film maker may have succeeded in creating one of the highest grossing films of all time with 'The Dark Knight', but he remains modest about his success - whilst admitting it isn't easy.

He told Empire magazine: "The reality is always that things are more difficult from the inside than they appear on the outside. But I've been very fortunate to choose the right projects with the right people, so that we're making the same film."

'Inception' is a thriller about a skilled thief, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, who extracts valuable secrets from people's dreams, and is set for release in July.