Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed British-American filmmaker who was lauded for his work on psychological drama 'Inception', was surprisingly absent from the category of 'Best Director' when the OSCAR nominations were announced this morning (25th January 2011). It was predicted that although the movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio would not challenge the likes of 'The Kings Speech' and 'The Social Network' for 'Best Picture', Nolan would be in the running to take the director's prize.
However, the 40-year-old was snubbed by the Academy and the Coen Brothers, Darren Aronofsky, David Fincher, DAVID O. RUSSELL AND TOM HOOPER will battle it out come the ceremony next month. Nolan was absent from the list in 2000 despite his movie 'Memento' being critically acclaimed, and the same happened in 2008 after 'The Dark Knight' had got the nod in other categories. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the snub has caused a flurry of angry messages from fans on Twitter, with one proclaiming, "No Christopher Nolan for Director on Inception sucks but hey that's old ppl for you" (sic), another added, "Hey Academy...who incepted your minds with the idea that Christopher Nolan didn't deserve to be nominated for Best Director this year!?"
Despite Nolan's absence from the 'Best Director' category, the film itself has been nominated for eight awards including 'Best Picture'.