Fans enjoying the current Dark Knight series of the Batman films are going to have their enjoyment of the caped crusader pushed to the limit after latest rumours flying around the internet have suggested that he's going to be around for a good while yet. The Dark Knight Rises is currently on course to top the $1 billion mark for worldwide box office takings, which shows that there is plenty of interest in him, although you'd suggest it was more the quality of Christopher Nolan's films that had kept them there.
Nevertheless, a report written by has managed to spread to more media outlet and it suggests that a Justice League film will be forthcoming in 2015, which will see the Batman character re-introduced before the reboot of the franchise follows, which means we can probably expect to see the character in big budget films for most of the next decade. Crikes.
The reason for this, apparently, is so that Batman can remain part of the DC Cinematic Universe. The worry if this is true, is that whoever is in charge of the rebooted Batman films is going to have a restriction on his creative control over the character, given that he'll effectively have already been moulded for the JL movie.