Christopher Mintz-Plasse is not a fan of vampire films - despite starring in one.

The 'Superbad' actor appears alongside Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin in the new remake of 'Fright Night', About A Boy who is convinced his neighbour is a blood-sucking creature, but admits he is not usually a fan of the genre.

He said: "I was never the biggest vampire fan, but horror movies in general are just so good, Michael Myers is great, very scary."

He also admit he is not usually into Hollywood remakes of classic films, but got involved in 'Fright Night' because The Script was too good to turn down.

He added to Den of Geek: "Yeah I'm never a big fan of remakes, except for 'True Grit', I thought that was fantastic, but the Coen Brothers can do anything. So yeah, I saw it was a remake but I loved the script."

'Fright Night' - directed by Craig Gillsespie - was released in the UK on September 2.