Christopher Mintz-Plasse would own a flock of geese dressed in fetish costumes if he was a supervillain.

The 'Kick-Ass 2' star - who plays shark-owner Chris D'Amico / The Mother F****r in the comic book action movie sequel - believes the ''intimidating'' animals would be just what he needs to warn off his enemies if he were a superhero in real life.

Christopher - whose character wears a bondage costume - said: ''I'd have a flock of geese. It's always intimidating when a flock of those b*****ds start running at you.

''And I'd dress them in red and black fetish costumes - that's enough to freak anyone out!''

The 24-year-old star's alter-ego heads up a gang of villains called The Toxic Mega ****s in the film, and while he admits his own real life version of a crew were far more relaxed than the evil comic book bad guys, they still refer to each other by their nickname.

He added to Nuts magazine: ''We still call each other The Chillers because we just like to hang out together.''