Christopher Mintz-Plasse often gets asked for a picture while he is in the toilet.

The 'Kick-Ass 2' star - who plays Chris D'Amico / The Mother F***er in the comic book action franchise - is shocked at the lengths some fans will go to get a snap with him, but admits trying to take a photograph of him with his manhood on show is the strangest interaction he's had with any of his supporters.

He said: ''I've had people follow me into the men's room and while I'm peeing in the stall, they get their camera phone out and ask for a picture.

''I'm like, 'Dude, my d**k is out!''

However, the 24-year-old actor is glad one fan has seen sense and had a tattoo of his 'Superbad' character's name, McLovin, surgically removed from his forehead.

He added to Nuts magazine: ''I'm very happy for him. He made a bad decision in the first place, but came back to the land of reality in the end.''