The former Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star was shooting Snatched with Goldie and Amy Schumer in Hawaii when his mother fell ill, and when he returned to the set after she passed, he admits the veteran actress could not have been sweeter.

''We were shooting in Hawaii and I did a few of my scenes for a couple weeks there and then they (producers) said, 'We're not going to need you for a while, so you go home'," Christopher tells U.S. TV show The Talk. "So I went back east and unfortunately my mother got ill and she passed.

''I actually had to leave her bedside, flew and by the time I landed, she had passed. So no one knew except for the producers and the director and they were all very sweet and kind."

But when he opened up to Goldie, and told her where he had been, she was there for him.

"She grabs me... and she hugs me tight," he adds. "She goes, 'I know, I know'... I needed that moment."