Former BRADY BUNCH star Christopher Knight's wholesome image has been shattered after his exploits with a trio of lapdancers were broadcast on American TV on Sunday night (30JAN05).

The actor-turned-software mogul and his co-stars on celebrity reality show The Surreal Life made their way to a Los Angeles area strip club recently, where Knight immediately drew the attentions of the establishment's shapely dancers.

He says, "At some point I was semi-accosted by three strippers. It was more or less one of the highlights of the day."

As his co-stars - including former wrestler JOANIE LAURER, PAMELA ANDERSON's ex-boyfriend Marcus Schenkenberg and pint-sized AUSTIN POWERS star VERNE TROYER - looked on, Knight told the scantily-clad women, "Punish me. I need a really good spanking."

All three women writhed around him on the stage, eventually unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his torso.

And not to be outdone on the raunchy night out, Laurer, who was formerly known by the name Chyna, gave fellow house guest and former GO-GOs star JANE WIEDLIN a lapdance too - while chewing on a rose.

01/02/2005 02:23