LATEST: The BBC has apologised to actor Christopher Eccleston after they failed to consult him before they announced he would be quitting DR WHO after only one series.

Last week (31MAR05), it was announced the SHALLOW GRAVE star, 41, has decided to leave the cult sci-fi show after only one outing as the time-traveller, over fears he would be typecast.

In the BBC's statement last week, they quoted Eccleston as saying "he hoped viewers continued to enjoy the series".

Head of drama and commissioning JANE TRANTER admits the BBC broke an agreement with the actor not to reveal he was only starring in one series, adding, "The BBC regrets not speaking to Christopher before it responded to the press questions on Wednesday 30 March.

"The BBC further regrets that it falsely attributed a statement to Christopher and apologises to him."

The BBC confirmed it was in talks with DAVID TENNANT - currently starring as legendary Venetian lothario CASANOVA in a BBC show of the same name - to play Doctor Who.

05/04/2005 14:26